Ben, why are dogs everywhere in this portfolio?

Well, first, I love them.

Second, just as dogs are known as humans' best friends,
I want to be the trusted partner for every project I work on.

As a designer, I strongly believe in the importance of collaboration and experimentation, and I think there is a lot more we can do to improve. That's why I enjoy facilitating workshops to encourage collaboration and using data analytics tools to help with experimentation and design validation.

You can find examples of my approach in the case studies below.

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#Data-driven design

Redesigning A Marketing Content Management Page for Better Translation

Lokalise is a popular tool for translating marketing materials, particularly blog posts, using content management systems like WordPress and Contentful. The redesign focuses on improving the translation process for these types of content.

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#Machine Learning

Data Observability Tool for Data Scientists

PipeRider is a powerful tool designed to help data scientists and machine learning practitioners manage their data more effectively. With PipeRider, you can track changes, version your data, and gain real-time insights to make better decisions.

#UX Design

#Web design

#Data visualization

Designing a User Feedback System to Improve Lokalise Messages

Learn how we improved Lokalise Messages by creating a feedback loop for customers to report bad translations and implementing a visualized chart for admin teams to track translation quality.

#App design

#User research

From Idea to Launch: Designing an AI-Enabled Scheduling App with OrganAI

I co-founded the startup together with an AI professor and two engineers. I led the team in design and front-end development. We aimed to address the challenges of scheduling meetings, resulting in improved efficiency by 57%, increased SUS score from 57.6 to 84.7, and raised 500k SEK in funding.

Older case studies...

VdoTok - A tool to build video/audio apps

VdoTok's dashboard has dozens of variables that tell clients how their audio/video app performs. Check out how I solved the challenge and included all the relevant data while keeping the design clear and simple.

SingAlong App - Be the best singer

Sing Along is a social entertainment app for people who love to sing and share their amazing talent.
Check out how I combined different user research methods to redesign the app.

Latest blog posts

My articles are published in Bootcamp by UX Collective every week.

Design QA: Enhancing User Experience and Reducing Design Debts in Software Development

Explore Design QA’s role in minimizing design debts, enhancing user experience, and fostering collaboration in software development. Continue reading on Bootcamp »

May 27, 2023

Becoming a Designer in 2023: Still Choosing Between a Master’s and a UX Bootcamp?

One thing I particularly enjoy as a Product Designer is the diverse backgrounds of my design colleagues. Some studied history during their… Continue reading on Bootcamp »

May 21, 2023

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Designers and Product Managers

A week ago, my PM sent me an article from Reforge and asked for my opinion on it. Instead of replying privately to my PM, I decided to… Continue reading on Bootcamp »

May 14, 2023

Grab some free workshop templates I made

Super Mirio Kart Icebreaker

The Super MIRiO Workshop not only enables the team to get energized before the workshop but also get to learn how to use Butter and Miro at the same time.

Ikigai Template - Career framework

The Ikigai Miro template is a visual tool with four intersecting circles representing what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

Christmas Retrospective

I created a Christmas retrospective template for our team's holiday event to reflect on the previous year and identify areas for improvement and future goals, with a focus on our experiences during the holiday season.

Some achievements

2022 - ADPList series panel w/ UX East meets west
2022 - ACC Hackathon
2021 - NN/g Podcast
2021 - Butter Conference
2019 - Inicio/Hyper Island workshop
2022 - Growth Design
2021 - Workshopper Master
2021 - Design Sprint Certificate
2021 - NN/g Certificate
2020 - KTH Innovation, Incubator program
2019 - EIT Best Entrepreneurship Idea Award
What I can bring to your team
Product Design & Research

UI Design

UX Design

Usability Testing

Product Design & Research

UI Design

UX Design

Usability Testing

Product Design & Research

UI Design

UX Design

Usability Testing

Or explore some apps I built

Open Design Taiwan: A design resource library for designers

FoodyLife: A food tracking app to eat without counting calories

MoodQuotes: An app to get people inspired every morning

Interested in working with me?

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