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Hey, glad you found me! I'm Ben 🐶,

a Product Designer that loves workshops and data

I identify myself as a collaboration and experimentation enthusiast who helps companies make good designs that drive growth. Currently leading design for integrations at Lokalise, founded Open Design Taiwan, Foodylife and MoodQuotes.

a cute ball for decoration
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Hey, this is Ben 🐶, digital nomad based in 🇸🇪 🇹🇼 🇬🇧

Product Designer & Workshopper with background in Data Science
With four years of experience, I identify myself as a collaborating and experimenting enthusiast. I love facilitating workshops to drive people's initiatives and using data analytics tools to launch experiments and validate designs.

Okaaaay, but why there are dog emojis everywhere?
Dogs are humans' best friends, and so am I.

I love facilitating workshops to drive people's initiatives and using data analytics tools to launch experiments and validate designs to solve problems.

See how I apply this approach below

Product Design | Vdotok ab

VdoTok Dashboard - A dashboard that handles dozens of Data

Web Design
Dashboard Design
Collaborative Design
VdoTok's dashboard has dozens of variables that tell clients how their audio/video app performs. Check out how I solved the challenge and included all the relevant data while keeping the design clear and simple.
Mock up of VdoTok's Dashboard

5 Minutes Read

App design | sing along ab

SingAlong App - An app for Singers to sing and share better

User Research
Prototype & Testing
Sing Along is a social entertainment app for people who love to sing and share their amazing talent. Check out how I combined different user research methods to redesign the app.

6 Minutes Read

app design & development | side project

MoodQuotes - An app that delivers daily motivational quotes and reminders to think positively

Data-Driven Design
The MoodQuotes app is an app I developed on my own during the Covid-19. The app follows a pretotyping (rapid prototyping) approach and has an average rating of 4.8 stars based on 3000+ downloads.

7 Minutes Read

aR design & development | gov of nl 🇳🇱

Boerenkerkhof App - An AR app for a historical graveyard in NL

User Research
Multi-sensory Design
Boerenkerkhof AR is an app that transforms the Boerenkerkhof in Enschede (NL) into an interactive museum. The project is funded by the government of Enschede and Rabobank.

7 Minutes Read

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Ben Shih

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