What’s BenAI? An AI that automates user research.

I used to work at 4 different startups as a Product Designer where we all tried to build a user research repository that can act as a knowledge base for everyone in the company to access customer feedback easily.

However, it has never come true due to limited human resources, time, and manual work. At Lokalise, with the power of AI, I finally had the opportunity to develop a fully automated user research repository that can minimize the team's effort in creating and tagging insights while maximizing the impact of user research in the company.

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Impact on our team

Keep track of user research calls easily

Ben.AI simplifies the management of user research calls, allowing team members to effortlessly log, organize research calls. This streamlines the process of capturing valuable customer feedback and ensures that insights are readily accessible for timely decision-making.

Summarize insights within minutes

Leverage Ben.AI to quickly summarize complex user research data into concise, actionable insights. This tool reduces hours of analysis to minutes, enabling our team to make informed decisions swiftly and stay agile in response to user needs.