Dashboard redesign

A new dashboard that I designed

Introducing Lokalise Messages

Have you ever called someone that doesn't speak your language?

Maybe it was from a sim card company from a country you traveled to or a special gift for yourself.

Imagine the frustration when your order doesn’t arrive, and when you try to resolve the issue, you find out that the support team doesn’t speak your language.

Lokalise Messages is a plugin that allows support team to translate messages from customers.

We integrate with popular tools like Intercom and Zendesk to help users and support agents communicate seamlessly in their own languages.

What’s the design problem we are solving then?

tl;dr - Bad UX. Super Bad. Just look at the visuals below.

Despite the initial success in selling, we have failed to scale the product in a product-led model. After some initial analysis, we believe there were two main pieces we need to fix:

1. Learning curve is too high for new users
2. Difficult for existing users to track and maintain usage

All issues that we discovered

We only had a week, and here’s what I did

Step #1 - Journey mapping with stakeholders

Together with the product manager, I conducted user story mapping sessions involving sales teams, customer success managers, and customers.

This collaboration helped us develop a comprehensive user journey map, pinpointing critical pain points and aligning on user expectations.

A journey map that I built together with the stakeholders

Step #2 - Competitor review

While doing the workshop since Lokalise Messages is a plug-in app that works on top of other platforms, I also spent some time looking into how other tools designed their plugin and see how we could improve.

Trying to learn from others...

Design proposals

Proposal #1 - Accessible color

We introduced a new set of colors that offers better contrast and meets the WCAG 2.1 standards

Apply settings

Bad contrast

Apply settings

Better contrast

Proposal #2 - A proper navigation bar

We introduced a new navigation bar with improved visuals and UX to facilitate user navigation between different pages.

Proposal #3 - Better onboarding

We also introduced a better onboarding process for new users, featuring a quick start menu to help them learn about how Lokalise works and how to set it up.

Proposal #4 - Better data visualization

Finally, based on user feedback, we introduced enhanced data visualization charts to help users interpret data more quickly.

Bar chart for showing translated-languages distribution

Line chart for showing character usage

Putting ideas together


We 3x the revenue.

With the release of the new self-serve onboarding and an easier way to access data and upgrade plans, we have managed to grow the product's revenue from $400k to more than $1M.

We've also increased the CSAT of the dashboard from 1.2 out of 5 to 4.2 out of 5.

Just FYI - this is how it looks like in the beginning...

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