Here's my story ūü¶ģ

I am a product designer with a background in Computer Science and Data Science. In the last 5 years, I've dedicated my past experiences to startups and has helped five startups to launch different types of products from zero to one, FoodyLife (2018), Organ.AI (2020), AiBetic (2020), VdoTok (2021) and  PipeRider (2022) .

Throughout my experience at startups, I have developed strong communication skills to lead people through discussions using workshop-style techniques to increase productivity. With my experience in Data Science, I have also helped companies to plan and implement user analytical tools to track user behaviors and improve UX design. Find out how I combine UX and Data Science here.

A few things that I am currently doing besides design:


My four pillars

Research Reports

Coming from a background of computer science that specializes in Data Science, I believe that collecting data can give us a lot of information about users and help us to make the right assumptions to test the market.

Double MSc in UX

I was fortunate to be sponsored by the EU government to complete my studies at the University of Twente (NL) and KTH (SE). Throughout my masters, I also got the chance to learn skills of  entrepreneurship so as to refine my studies and expand my repertoire.

Design Thinking
Certified Workshop Facilitator

I was convinced by Jonathan Courtney from AJ&Smart to pursue a career as a workshop facilitator. I believe workshops are a great way for teams to align, be heard, and to make efficient decisions.

Love Community / People

I believe good designers should be community animals. I am lucky enough to lead a community that has allowed me to help serve talented and brilliant designers and Workshop Facilitators.

Work Experience
2022 - Present
Sr Product Designer
Lokalise (Remote)

Lokalise is building a translation management platform. I was leading design for the integration team, responsible for building scalable design and improving the experience for 10+ apps.

  • Improving collaboration between design, engineering, and product by facilitating workshops at the start of the design process.
  • Leading design from discovery to completion, solving complicated problems by building small and experimental solutions.
  • Improving design team rituals, building Design Hub to foster design transparency and increase exposure.
2021 - 2022
Product Designer
InfuseAI (Remote)

InfuseAI is working on developing an all-in-one platform for developing and maintaining ML models.

  • Established the company‚Äôs first atomic-based design system, enabling teams to develop faster and more efficiently.
  • Implemented analytical tools, to redesign sites based on click rates, site heat maps, and customer engagement; increasing conversion rate by 14% and decreasing bounce rates by 3%.
  • Improved the experience of an ML platform by conducting regular user interviews, managing UX workflow, identifying UX issues, and proposing design recommendations
2018 - Present
Freelance Product Designer

In the past 3 years, I have worked with startups and SMBs across Europe and Asia to develop conception, research, ideation, UX/UI design, detailed drawing generation, and presentation.

Some notable achievements:

  • AiBetic, an app that provides personalized recommendations for diabetes I¬†worked at AiBetic as their Product Designer and helped them to handle user research and improve the app's design.
  • Boerenkerkhof, an AR¬†app for a historical graveyard at Enschede (NL)
    I led team of seven and obtained ‚ā¨10,000 grant from the Dutch government to design an AR app for the graveyard. Featured in 10+ local media outlets.
  • SingAlong App, a singing app for amateur singers to get famous.
    I worked at SingAlong App as a Product Designer and helped SingAlong to implement user research as well as proposing new design ideas for the app.
2020 - 2021
Product Designer
Norgic AB
Remote, Stockholm, Lahore

Norgic AB is a software consulting company that helps businesses to build better software. I worked at Norgic as a Product Designer and helped them to design a couple of projects.

  • Led the design and research of a full enterprise-facing SaaS API platform that enables businesses to create video chatting apps easily from zero to one. Raised ‚ā¨2M in the seed round.
  • Developed a collaborative approach to work with 20+ engineers and product team to develop product strategy and design.
  • Facilitated weekly design thinking workshops and design feedback sessions with the CEO and marketing manager to develop design guidelines for the company.¬†
2019 - 2020
UX Engineer
The Research Institute of Sweden (RISE)
Stockholm, Sweden

I was hired as an UX Engineer at RISE to design and develop the front-end of an AI scheduling assistant App called "Organ.AI"

  • Led the design of an AI meeting scheduler app using mobile-first design principles. Conducted 20+ in-depth user testing sessions to redesign the app; increased learnability by 40% and usability by 65%.
  • Designed an 'autocomplete' and 'button tapping' interaction for the chatbot which reduced user typing time from 2.5 minutes to 1.6 minutes.¬†
  • Developed the app's front-end in iOS and led a team of 3 engineers to complete the app development in Flutter.
2018 - 2019
Qualitative Data Researcher
Junyi Academy - Contractor

Junyi Academy is a Taiwanese version of Khan Academy that aims to deliver free education materials to K-12 students. I was hired as a contractor to analyze user behavior from a data science POV.

  • Implemented machine learning algorithms to categorize user personas and predict user behavior.¬†
  • Held weekly discussions with Product Owner and Product Designer to present insights and drive marketing and product decisions.¬†
Msc Human Computer Interaction & Design
Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
KTH Royal Institute of Sweden
Msc Human Computer Interaction & Design
‚ÄćMinor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
University of Twente
BSc Computer Science
Data Science / Interaction Design
Queen Mary University of London
Community Projects
Mentorship Program
UX East Meets West

Together with five other designers across the world, we arrange UX events and mentorships workshops to connect Taiwanese designers worldwide. To date, we have run over 20 events and connected hundreds of designers in our community.

Butter Ambassador

Working with the core team members at Butter to co-create the Butter community that consists of many workshop facilitators. Helping the Butter team to moderate the community and provide assistance.

Workshopper Master by AJ&Smart

Joined AJ&Smart's workshopper master program as a member and have weekly coaching calls with their CEO, Jonathan Courteney.

Pro Group by the Futur

Joined The Futur's coaching program as a member and have weekly coaching calls with their CEO, Chris Do.

London Representative
Taiwan Corner

We host professional talks and lectures and write articles with the goal of spreading knowledge about Taiwan's history and society.

App Projects
Designer & Developer

MoodQuotes is an app that delivers daily motivational quotes to users. The design process followed a Pretotyping method which contains of a lot of experimental and data-driven decisions.

Designer & Developer

Boerenkerkhof AR is an app that transforms the Boerenkerkhof in Enschede (NL) into an interactive museum. The project is funded by the government of Enschede and Rabobank.


Organ.AI is an AI assistant app that aims to help business people book meetings with each other with ease. With Organ.AI, users can simply send a message to the AI assistant, and the AI assistant will automatically arrange the meeting for the user.

Designer & Developer

Provides people a visual way to track their daily diet and raise their consciousness about their diet without the need to monitor calories or send annoying notifications. Top ranked in 50+ countries.

Half Half
Designer & Front-end

Helping couples share intimate memories and set up mutual goals so they can accompany each other to grow and love better.

NN/g Podcast
Guest Speaker

In this podcast, I was invited by Therese to be featured on the first episode of Season 2 NN/g Podcast. Together with designers from the industry, we talked about he UX Hill.

ACC Hackathon
Workshop Facilitator

An open-source platform that contains UX-related resources submitted by more than 30 designers around the world.

Butter Community
Workshop Facilitator

Helped Butter to facilitate community workshops for facilitators to design within the community.

Workshop Facilitator

Inicio offers free, hands-on technology focused workshops for teenagers. The goal is to equip the next generation with the 21st century skills necessary for them to succeed in their studies and careers.